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Our Story / How We Solve Your Problems

You are here because you need reliable information. Maybe your child has an earache or your husband is struggling with his diabetes management. Perhaps you haven’t yet met your deductible and don’t want to pay $150 to ask a quick question about the rash on your arm. Or maybe you realized after leaving your doctor’s appointment that you forgot to ask how the new medication that the doctor prescribed might interact with other three medications that you are taking. You need an accessible healthcare provider. We know that it is hard to find the answers you need and that is exactly why A-1 Pharmacy exists. We are here to help you find the answers you need and help you and your loved ones feel better soon.

Why We Got Started/ Our Pharmacy Manager's Story

For the past twenty years, Eric Laborde has been helping people throughout Louisiana and Mississippi with their medication. Born and raised in New Orleans, Eric attended Rummel and UNO before entering into Xavier’s pharmacy program. After graduating second in his class from Xavier, Eric spent over 15 years with a national pharmacy chain. During that time he became increasingly frustrated by the top down quota of the bureaucrats who didn’t work in the communities that he served. It was always a struggle to find the time to satisfactorily answer customer’s questions and concerns.

In 2008, Eric opened an independent pharmacy and has not looked back since. With locations in Hammond and Metairie, A-1 Pharmacy is providing quality, affordable and accessible health care information to the community. In addition to dispensing medication, Eric provides the following services to his customers: synchronization of medication, medication interaction screening, comprehensive medication reviews, chronic disease prevention and management. In other words, you can have peace of mind that if you choose A-1 Pharmacy, you will receive great service.

Meet The Team / Our Heroes
Eric Laborde
Founder & Pharmacist
Addie Prewit Laborde
Co-Founder & Pharmacy Technician
Annie Brumfield
Pharmacy Technican
Rachel Beard
Pharmacy Technician
Elise Kelly
Pharmacy Technician
Kenneth Duracher
Brooke Mehle
Pharmacy Technician
Nathaniel Leblanc
Pharmacy Technician
Kasey Centanni
Pharmacy Technician